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Why do we put so much freaking #pressure on ourselves to never mess up? What are we hoping will come from #always doing things perfectly? Do you think #people won’t like you if you mess up? Is there anyone who you do like who has never messed up? So why is it okay for #everyone else to mess up but not you? Because aren’t there #people in your #life who love you no matter what you do, and I don’t necessarily mean family?

My life is truly #blessed because I have a few people in my life that truly #love me even when I mess up because they no my intention is in the right place. I am sure you are thinking of the people in your life who do the same for you. If your family and friends have given you a break so why can’t you?

Giving myself a break was the most #difficult #lesson for me to learn in my life so far. There was so much tied to holding on to the pain of messing up, yet holding onto the #pain didn’t bring me closer to the #life I want to live. I am very #stubborn so it was quite the #fight to give up #punishing myself and finally give myself a break.

When I realized that holding on to the pain of messing up wasn’t allowing me to make #progress towards my #dreams, it was an easy decision to let that #pattern go. What would it mean to you if you gave yourself a break? I can tell you that giving you a break makes you more lovable. How would your relationships improve if you learned to give yourself a break? Would you #perform better at #work if you learned to give yourself a break?

The bottom line is everyone messes up its part of life. Holding onto the #mistake will never bring you closer to your dreams. If it’s not going to move you closer to your #dreams why would you still do it? We both know that giving ourselves a break does help up move closer to your dreams. Therefore, I know you’ll agree that is time to learn to give you a break. Even if you only #intellectually #understand this right now when you start giving yourself breaks you will get it then! #STARKidz

It is #amazing how easily #people forget we have it all and instead #focus on all that we don’t have or what’s #wrong with our lives. There isn’t a single #person who was #born less than capable of #living their dreams. It is time to look into our own eyes and figure out what’s going on between our ears that keep us from the #pure #joy that is our #human experience.

There has been so much given to us in our lifetime that it is too much to count. When was the last time you figured out how much #oxygen you have breathed during your #life #time and given thanks for that? How many thank you’s have you said for the 10,000 times your #heart beats every day? Anyone who has access to this post, I am fairly certain has not missed a #meal by #choice in their lives.

Can our lives be better of course they can, but that too is part of the human experience? Just because it can be better doesn’t mean what we have is less than. We must learn as a #society to #appreciate all that we have while doing our best to make it even better. Just for a moment, take in that prior sentence again. We must learn to #appreciate what we have while making our lives EVEN BETTER. That’s because our lives are freaking #awesome already.

It seems #ridiculous to focus on anything but that #greatness that is our lives. You can make anything happen in life, why because you can. You were born with the #resourcefulness to #create anything; you have the #imagination to #dream anything up. You already have it all so just stew in that for a day or two and when you come out of it have some fun going after making your dreams a reality.
#STARKidz #MBennz #starseeds #STARChild

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